Spare Change

The Worcester Homeless Action Committee will have a street newspaper called “Spare Change” out by the first of October. The paper will be about homeless issues here in the greater Worcester area and will be sold by individuals who are homeless or who were once homeless. “Spare Change” will be sold throughout the area for one dollar. The vendor will keep 75 cents and kick back 25 cents towards the next month’s issue. The vendors will get an orientation and will be told what will be expected of them and what they may expect in return from us–our support. The stories will be inspirational, about success, and those who champion social issues.

We also will be setting up a speakers bureau. The speakers will be homeless or formerly homeless. They will be available to speak at colleges, high schools, or places of worship. We will ask that the sponsor pay the speaker a stipend of at least 50 dollars.

The Worcester Homeless Action Committee has new diggs at the Pleasant Street Neighborhood Network Center on 301 Pleasant Street. I can be reached at or by phone at (508) 736-4911.

We also will be holding a hunger and homelessness awareness week November 14 – 20. We will hold two events that week, which will be announced later.

Bob Flanagan
Community Organizer