Fundraiser and Awards Night (2013)


WHAC had their annual awards and fundraiser night and the awards were presented to Mary Keefe and Peter Stefan for their work with the needy of our community. The award is named after State Rep James o’Day, who was present along with City Councilwoman Sarai Rivera. The WHAC also had entertainment by Lydia Fortune Phil Nigro, Andy Sullivan, Joey DeAngelo and Dale Le’Page. 

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Grocery gift cards donated to students

This is the Principal Jason DeFalco of Sullivan Middle School in Worcester and WHAC director Robert Flanagan. The school has over 135 homeless students and we help to supply their food bank. This day we were presenting him with gift cards to be used at various super markets.

Jason DeFalco is in the center and Robert Flanagan on the right.

Jason DeFalco is left and Robert Flanagan on the right.


Thank you Wegmans and Market Basket!

Worcester Homeless Action Committee would like to thank Wegmans Super Market 7 and the Market Basket for their support of our food drive. All food raised by Worcester Homeless Action will be  donated to the Sullivan School here in Worcester for their food bank. Sullivan Middle School has over one hundred homeless children who live in foster care,motels or shelters. Our food drive will last now until the end of November. Thank you to all who donate.


WHAC Speaks Out on Panhandling

Worcester Magazine and the Telegram recently posted articles on their websites highlighting panhandling in Worcester.

When asked by Worcester Magazine about the issue, Bob Flanagan, founder of the Worcester Homeless Action Committee replied:

“Why would we allow a Boy Scout troop [to solicit funds] but not an individual citizen?” he asks. “You can’t play favorites by cause.”

The similarities aren’t lost on those panhandling, either. Billy, in Webster Square, notes that what he does is similar to tag days, and also wonders if any new law would impact political standouts and sign holding during election season.

“To me, it’s exactly the same. What’s the difference?” asks Bob Flanagan, an organizer for the Worcester Homeless Action Committee. “They’re both asking for money, one just doesn’t look as presentable. (Read the rest of the article here)

David McMahon, co-executive Director of the Dismas House of Worcester, and an ardent supporter of WHAC was also approached by another Worcester area paper known as the Telegram on the issue:

[...] said “my only concern this time around is if the council comes up with a plan it should put resources into street outreach. If you want to curb panhandling then you have to put resources into reaching out to those people.”  (Read the rest of the article here)